About Me

  • Beginnings

    Texas Media Design was created by veteran musician Eric Lenington.  His musical experiences include touring for 18 years with bands of all genres.  During this time Eric started designing to help promote his groups.  Other ensembles started calling on him for various projects, and Texas Media Design was born.

  • Experience

    Eric's work has been featured in major Texas music magazines such as Texas Music Magazine, Lone Star Music Magazine, Best in Texas, and Country Line Magazine.  A short client list includes Kyle Park, Josh Ward, Ryan Beaver, The Graphic Guitar Guys, Jesse Raub Jr., Big Joe Walker, Zach Nytomt, Tito Beveridge, and the Midnight River Choir.  TMD currently manages a multiple social campaigns netting over one million impressions a week.

  • Musical Life

    During his touring career Eric had the opportunity to travel with bands from  a variety of musical genres, including rock, country, reggae,  ska, funk, rap, and electronic.  His travels have taken him all over North America, Central America, and Europe.  For more info take a look at www.texasbassist.com.

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